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We take user support very seriously and want you to have a good experience setting up your device. You can talk to an admin or to our inclusive community. We hang out in these AVADO Telegram groups:

Our telegram groups are open to everyone. As much as we try to keep them out, scammers might occasionally be looking for a victim in our channels. With these simple rules you can protect yourself:

  • Try to talk in public channels as much as possible
  • Never repond to Direct Messages (DM’s) sent to you
  • Our telegram members will not Direct Message (DM) you first.
  • In Telegram it’s easy to impersonate someone. Check that you are talking to the same person

Signs that you’re talking to a scammer:

  • They will reach out to you directy using a direct Message (DM) and offer “assistance”
  • They will send you to a website and try to have you enter private information, like a private key or a seed phrase (“verify your wallet” or “bridge your wallet” .. etc )

If you come across scammers - please expose them in our public channels to help others !

The good news is that apart from the occasional scammer - our channels are full with people that want to actually help you 😀

Just click on the magnifying glass (at the top bar of the telegram window) to go directly to the search field. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

Here’s a list of the different AVADO community support channels.


  • AVADO - Welcome : Welcome new AVADO owners! Here you can get introduced to our community, and ask your first questions and meet more experienced AVADO users.

We also have some vibrant specialized AVADO thematic channels for all your questions:

Setup & tech support

  • AVADO - Technical Support : This channel is for initial setup, VPN, networking and general AVADO technicial help
  • AVADO - Announcements : This channel is a quiet channel - containing announcements from AVADO: new packages and updates. Join this channel for receiving important service messages.

Staking support

Earning rewards for sharing services

Other channels

The list above are the only official AVADO groups. Make sure you are not invited in other groups claiming to offer AVADO support.