Welcome to AVADO

Your AVADO comes with pre-configured hardware and software to help you get started with Web3 staking quickly.

Overview of Options

Below is an overview of the different options and required steps.

  • Everybody starts by connecting to AVADO Wi-Fi for initial access.

  • Next, we highly recommend that you install Remote Connect + Zerotier. This gives you convenient and secure access, both at home and from a remote location.

  • Ethereum Stakers have different options to start staking:

    1. Solo Staking with 32 ETH

    2. Rocketpool Staking with 8 or 16 ETH (and RPL Tokens)

    3. Stader Staking with 4 ETH (and SD Tokens)

  • There are other staking opportunities on your AVADO:

    1. Gnosis Staking

    2. Avalanche Staking

    3. Qtum Staking

    4. Near Staking (only for AVADO Cloud Users)

Our Documentation provides detailed instructions on each of these steps. Please feel free to jump ahead to the relevant sections to help you install, configure, and run your staking packages.

If you encounter any problem, please consult the Quick Help section, or reach out in our Discord channel for support.

Before you get ready to install your favourite package(s), we recommend that you take a few minutes to read through the following guidelines.

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