Why an NFT?

An AVADO NFT is a unique identifier, showing that the holder of the NFT has an AVADO device.

It shows when it was bought and what device it represents, but it does not reveal any information about the person owning it.

We care about privacy but also need to be able to identify that the user has bought our device. We’re solving this difficult problem by using NFTs.

What are the use cases for AVADO NFT?

  1. Warranty

  2. Support

  3. Token Drops

1. Warranty

First of all, each NFT identifies that the owner has bought an AVADO. This is important if you want to claim the warranty for the device. With the info from the NFT we know exactly what AVADO device the user has and when it was purchased. We can check if the warranty is still valid without having to keep user data in our database. IPFS and blockchain are our sources of information.

2. Support

(note: simplify to Tokengate the Discord to minimize scammers).

We have a community-driven support system, and NFTs can even increase the utility of it.

Using NFTs, we can allocate a support budget to each device. Device owners who ask for support will have a specific budget available (based on the device they bought) to use to “dish praise” to AVADO community members who helped them resolve an issue.

We will also use the NFT to ensure that only users who have an AVADO will receive the praise, so the support budget is kept within the AVADO community.

We can use NFTs to automate this process: our Support Genie Avaddin will not only count the praise a user received but will also allocate the budget to the support giver sending it to the NFT address. This will make our support even more scalable.

3. Token Drops

Projects that have a dapp in the AVADO DappStore can also use our NFTs to identify box owners. This enables them to allocate their tokens to incentivize the use of their dapp on AVADO.

How to claim AVADO NFT?

Every AVADO owner can go to and mint their token. Simply follow the instructions on the page.

  • You need to fill in the e-mail address that you used for ordering your AVADO. This is case sensitive.

  • You should have Metamask enabled in your browser.

  • Your NFT is only claimable about 1 week after you have received your AVADO.

Your AVADO NFT will be minted on the Gnosis (xDAI) chain.


Why is the Avado Discord token-gated with an NFT?

To prevent scammers from joining. So always keep discussions in public channels on our discord to stay safe.

Is the NFT on Gnosis (xDai) chain?

Yes. You can use the Gnosis Chain Explorer ( to look up your address. Check under the ERC721 Tokens Txns tab, and look for AVADO NODE NFT (AVDO) token. Note the Token ID.

I just minted my AVADO NFT token. Is there any way to view this on my MetaMask wallet?

Yes. In Metamask, make sure you select the Gnosis Chain (see here to learn how to add the Gnosis Chain to Metamask) and select your wallet address to which the NFT was minted. Select the NFT tab and click Import NFT (you may need to scroll down a little):

On the pop-up panel, paste in the AVADO NFT contract address:


and enter your Token ID which you can check on (see answer to previous question):

Click Import. The AVADO NFT will show up on the NFT tab. You can now transfer it to another address (by clicking Send) if desired.

I can’t mint my NFT. It says that my email was not found although I use the exact same one that I used for my purchase.

Attention: the e-mail address field is case sensitive.

Also, your NFT is not available until you receive your device and even some time after. Contact if you cannot access the NFT.

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