Resetting your BIOS

There may be some circumstances in a troubleshooting scenario where you are advised to "Reset your BIOS" to see if that resolves your issue.

What is your BIOS?

Basic Input Output System

The BIOS is the preinstalled firmware that is loaded onto a small memory chip of the motherboard of a computer. It is the software responsible for the hardware initialization during booting and to provide runtime services for the launch of the operating system and programs. It is completely independent of the operating system and is non volatile, meaning that it survives in the event that all power is removed from the device.

Why Reset your BIOS?

Often there can be small issues caused by actions made since the factory install. By resetting the BIOS it restores the AVADO to the default factory settings that were designed for everything to function optimally. It can often be all that is needed to resolve a problem.

How do I Reset My BIOS?

Resetting the BIOS is as simple as removing the CMOS* Battery from within the AVADO for several minutes and then replacing it.

Please carefully follow the steps below.

*CMOS (Pronounced “see-moss”) - Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor - A small battery powered memory chip responsible for holding basic information for the BIOS.


Unplug the AVADO and place it in a clear work area face down flat with screws on the topside.


!! Ground yourself !!

You must discharge any static electricity buildup you may have on your body before you start doing anything inside your AVADO.

Static electricity can damage the delicate inner workings of computers.

For more info on how, see How to Ground Yourself to Avoid Destroying a Computer with Electrostatic Discharge


Unscrew the 6 phillips head screws on the base of the AVADO to remove the bottom plate.

Place them somewhere they won’t be lost. You’ll need them again in literally 3 minutes.


Locate the CMOS Battery. It is the small silver 3V Lithium Battery that looks like this.


Using a small flat head screw driver gently insert it into the “U” shaped side of the battery seat and slowly lift the Lithium battery out from its pocket.


Take the battery out for 2 minutes.


  • Replace the battery gently.

  • Close the box up by reinserting the 6 screws.

  • Re-plug your AVADO for a reboot.

Done 😃

We hope this resolves your issue, if not please refer back to AVADO Discord for further assistance.

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