Teku Zero Sync

Teku now offers a Zero Sync mode that supports validation from a backup Beacon Chain provided by AVADO. Enabling Zero Sync eliminates the need to wait for your Execution Client to sync initially and reduces downtime in case of errors or maintenance.

The Zero Sync mode is not enabled by default. You can enable it by setting the MODE parameter to zerosync in the Management Page of Teku.

  1. Navigate to the Management Page of Teku. You can do this by:

    • Clicking the Manage Package button immediately upon installing Teku; or equivalently,

    • Navigating to My Dapps menu, then clicking the Manage button on the Teku Consensus Client line.

  1. Locate the section called "Environment Variables".

  2. Insert zerosync (all small letters) into the value of the MODE parameter.

  1. Click "Update environment variables". Teku will restart.

  2. You can now check Teku's status by opening the DApp. With Zero Sync enabled, you will see the status of your local the Zero Sync beacon chains side by side in the header.

When your local chain is in sync, Teku will automatically start using it. You can leave Teku in Zero Sync mode such that, in the event your local Beacon Chain falls out of sync, Teku will automatically switch to the fall back Beacon Chain for continued operations.

If you wish, you can also disable the Zero Sync mode by setting the MODE parameter to standalone in the Management Page of Teku.

Known Issues

At the time of writing, there are some know issues will the Zero Sync mode:

  1. You cannot exit a validator while your node is relying on the failover server. Your node needs to be synced before you can exit the validator.

  2. While using the Zero Sync mode, Teku keeps on reporting the following error (in red) in the Logs:

Remote Validator Client detected and no default fee recipient has been configured via the validators-proposer-default-fee-recipient option! It is strongly recommended to configure it to avoid possible block production failures in case the node has not been prepared for potential proposers by the Validator Client.

The error message indicates that the backup Beacon Node hosted by AVADO does not have a default fee recipient set. This error is not a cause for concern. Make sure you have set the Default Fee Recipient Address on your local Teku DApp, or you can change the Fee Recipient Addresses for individual validators. By doing so, you will receive the Execution Rewards when you receive a proposal. It is safe to ignore this error message.

  1. If MEV-Boost is enabled, usually Teku periodically reports the following in the Logs, for example:

Validator *** 6 out of 6 validator registration(s) were successfully sent to the builder network via the Beacon Node

And MEV-Boost also periodically reports the following:

level=info msg="http: GET /eth/v1/builder/status 200" 

Both messages indicate that MEV-Boost is functioning and Teku is successfully sending validator registrations to the builders network. However, if Zero Sync mode is enabled, these messages might not be displayed for some reason. This doesn't affect the functionality of MEV-Boost or Teku; they will still operate as intended even if acknowledgments are not being sent.

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