Quick Access via AVADO Wi-Fi

The first thing to do when you've received your AVADO is to connect through its Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  1. Connect your AVADO to your router. Use the ethernet cable provided.

  2. Power on. Plug your AVADO into an electrical outlet. It will start automatically.

  3. Get access to AVADO:

    • On your computer or phone, connect to the newly created AVADO Wi-Fi network. The default SSID is AVADO, and the default password is avado123

    • On a browser, navigate to http://ava.do/start

    • If there are new updates available, it will automatically download them.

    • Click on "Go To Avado Admin Page" to visit the Home Page. You can always come to this page by navigating to http://my.ava.do

Note that links to ava.do addresses start with http:// not https://

Before you explore the menu items on the left (see Finding Your Way Around), we recommend that you first install the Remote Connect package from the DappStore. See next section for details.

If you encounter any problem, please consult the Connection Troubleshooting page, or reach out in our Discord channel for support.

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