Monitor Your Node

The Web Site

As a node operator, it is crucial to monitor the health and performance of your validators. This involves maintaining high uptime and ensuring the timely and accurate production of attestations and proposals. Monitoring your node is essential to ensure continuous rewards and to avoid penalties for inactivity or inefficiency. is an open source Gnosis Beacon Chain explorer that provides valuable information about the real-time activities of the Gnosis Beacon Chain as a whole, as well as specific details about your validators.

One of the key features of is the ability to set up push notifications. These notifications alert you to important validator events, such as missed attestations or assignment of proposal duties. By staying on top of these activities, you can maintain the active status of your validators and avoid any potential disruptions.

The site for the Gnosis Beacon Chain is a fork of the site for the Ethereum Beacon Chain. All the features are the same. To monitor a Gnosis node, you can refer to the guide on monitoring an Ethereum node and simply replace with

Mobile App

The beaconchain mobile app (link) also doubles as the gnosischain app. All you need to do is to switch the network setting, as illustrated below:

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