Beware of Scammers

AVADO has shut down its Telegram support channels.

We take user support very seriously and want you to have a good experience setting up your device. Unfortunately we experienced a lot of scammers attacking our community and we decided to move away from Telegram.


We've been made aware of an increasing number of scam attempts targeting our community. Please be vigilant and remember:

AVADO will NEVER communicate with you through private messages. If you receive a private message from anyone claiming to be AVADO or AVADO Support, it is a 100% SCAM aimed at stealing your ETH or other valuables.

🛡 To protect yourself and your assets, we strongly recommend the following steps:

  1. Mint the NFT: We urge all community members to mint the NFT provided by AVADO. This NFT serves as your unique identifier and an added layer of security when interacting within the AVADO ecosystem.

  2. Sign into the AVADO Discord Only With the NFT: Your NFT is your key. Ensure you're signed into our Discord only with this NFT to maintain the integrity of your identity and interactions.

  3. Seek Help Publicly: If you need assistance, please do so publicly within the designated community channels. This not only ensures you're getting support from legitimate sources but also enriches our community's knowledge base.

  4. Open a Ticket for Personalized Support: For issues requiring individual attention, we encourage you to open a ticket. This ensures that only specialized and verified team members will see and respond to your queries.

Stay safe, stay alert, and when in doubt, reach out publicly. Together, we're not just building a decentralized future; we're safeguarding it.

Please be careful of fake accounts and potential scammers. These are our only links! ㅤ

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