Protect your AVADO

How to protect your AVADO for Optimal Use & a Longer Lifespan

Your AVADO is a high performance piece of computer hardware specifically designed and optimized for blockchain use.

In order to get the best use and lifetime out of your AVADO it is strongly advised to take some simple precautions.


Electrical current surges are an inevitable occurrence with most modern day power grids. Sudden spikes in electricity can be extremely damaging on microprocessors. Computers are filled with voltage sensitive components and your AVADO is no different.

At the very least power surges will adversely affect the lifespan of your AVADO. In a worst case scenario, it could corrupt package data or damage the hardware.

Surge protection can take many forms, so you do have a few options:

  • Surge Protector Power Strips:

  • Socket Surge Protectors:

  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply):

A UPS has the benefit of not only offering some protection from Power Surges, but it also can prevent disruption to your internet connection during power cuts.

It is for this reason that it could be seen to offer the best value for money to protect your AVADO.

Any interruption to your internet router or AVADO will disturb the performance of the packages you are running and certainly result in missed Attestations for an ETH 2.0 validator.

Below are links to some commonly recommended UPS models used by fellow AVADO users.


Each time a Surge Protector absorbs a voltage fluctuation, its lifespan is shortened. To be sure you’re still getting optimal protection, it’s a good idea to replace them every two to three years.


During initial sync of a blockchain the system has to work at 100% capacity for multiple hours (>24h) . Monitoring the unit’s temperature is recommended during that initial sync.

This is especially important if your AVADO is in a location with no airflow or exposed to a particularly hot climate.

The AVADO i7 is a fanless design with cooling fins. That's why include an extra USB fan with your order. We recommend that you put it on top of the device with the airflow pointing downwards and plug it in any of the available USB ports to provide extra cooling during this initial sync. Feel free to leave the fan on there permanently.

The AVADO R9 units come with an integrated fan and do not require this.


It goes without saying that you should also place your AVADO:

  • away from other appliances that generate heat;

  • out of direct sunlight;

  • allow sufficient clearance around the unit for air to flow freely, i.e not jammed up tight against a wall or stacked on top of other heat-generating network equipment.

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