Monitor Your Rocketpool Validators

To the Beacon Chain, a Rocketpool validator is the same as a solo validator in every aspect.

To monitor and track the performance of your Rocketpool validators, you can use and its mobile app:

  • Refer to the Monitor Your Node section for detailed instructions on how to monitor your validators on

  • Set up push notifications on the beaconchain mobile app. This will ensure that you receive timely alerts for missed attestations, proposal assignments, and other important events related to your validators.

When monitoring your Rocketpool validators on, keep the following in mind:

  • On the Deposits tab, the Execution Layer panel will show that the deposit came from your minipool address (the "From Address"). Similarly, withdrawals will also go to your minipool address (click the "Withdrawal Credentials" link). This confirms that your minipool is the owner of the validator.

  • On the Withdrawals tab, you will see that partial withdrawals (periodic "skimming" of rewards above 32 ETH) are sent to your minipool address as the "recipient address".

  • There is a Rocketpool tab with a "rocket" icon that provides additional information related to your minipool and Rocketpool node.

In addition to, you can also track your Rocketpool node and minipools on the site. You can access these pages through the Rocketpool tab on or from the Status page of your AVADO Rocketpool. Consider bookmarking these pages for convenient access.

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