AVADO Support Community

Joining AVADO Discord

Sign up to AVADO Discord to join a vibrant community of AVADO users and support specialists!

To enjoy full access to the channels, you will need to verify ownership of your AVADO device with your AVADO NFT.

AVADO will NEVER communicate with you through private messages.

If you receive a private message from anyone claiming to be AVADO or AVADO Support, it is a 100% SCAM aimed at stealing your ETH or other valuables.

AVADO and community support givers will never tell you to delete messages in public channels.

A step by step guide on how to join the Avado Discord:

Step 1: Mint your NFT

Mint your NFT on https://nft.ava.do using the email you ordered from. Simply connect your wallet and sign the minting transaction.

For more information about the AVADO NFT, see AVADO NFT page.

Your AVADO NFT will be minted on the Gnosis (xDAI) chain.

Step 2: Join Discord

Click here to Join the AVADO Discord

Step 3: Verify your Ownership via Collabland

Navigate to the #collabland-join channel. You will be asked to verify using Collab.Land, a user-friendly, tokenized, community-management system. Click the Let's go! button to start.

The button will create a custom link that is valid for 5 minutes. It takes you to the Collab.Land website where you have to choose the wallet you minted the Avado NFT from.

After connecting your wallet to the site you will be asked to sign the message to verify you own an Avado NFT.

If you did within the 5 minutes, you will see this screen and can return to the Avado discord server where you should now see all channels and have full access.

What to do if your signing failed

If you get an error message like “Signing failed” then you have to go back to the #collabland-join channel on the Avado Discord and click on Let's Go! again to create a new link because the old one most likely expired after 5 mins.

If that was not the problem please go to the #new-joiners channel on Discord and open a ticket there, or email saskia@ava.do, and we will look into it.

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