Set up Remote Connect + ZeroTier

This section explains how to create a secure end-to-end connection to your AVADO, whether you're at home or elsewhere.

Quick Setup

Make sure you're connected the AVADO Wi-F network, then go through the following steps.

  1. Install the “Remote Connect” package on the AVADO machine.

  2. Obtain a unique 16-letter Network ID for your AVADO machine.

  3. Install the “ZeroTier One” app on your device(s). Each device will receive a distinct 10-letter Node ID.

  4. From your device(s), “Join” your personal AVADO network using its unique Network ID

  5. On the AVADO machine, “Allow” your device(s) to join.

  6. Disconnect your device from AVADO Wi-Fi and connect normally to Home Wi-Fi. Navigate to the Home Page at

You have now established a secure, end-to-end connection between your device and the AVADO. Going forward, you can access the AVADO via the ZeroTier connection.

The following guide provides more details on each step.

The former OpenVPN access has been deprecated. The recommend means of connection is Remote Connect + ZeroTier.

What is it?

The Remote Connect package, combined with the ZeroTier app on your devices, allows you to establish a seamless connection between your computing devices and the AVADO machine, whether you're at home or elsewhere. It is a powerful tool that enables you to connect from virtually anywhere without the need to tweak any settings.

At home, you can always connect to the AVADO through ZeroTier:

From anywhere else, you can connect to your AVADO remotely and securely, without changing any settings:

What about the AVADO Wi-Fi?

The AVADO Wi-Fi serves as an onboarding tool for new users to set up their devices and create the Remote Connect + ZeroTier connection. However, it does not provide sufficient bandwidth for all traffic to pass through it. We recommend using the AVADO Wi-Fi solely as a backup access method once you have set up Remote Connect + ZeroTier.

For security reasons, it is advisable to detach the antennae from the i7 devices after the setup process. For r9 devices with built-in antennae, we suggest changing the password. Please see: Help with Wi-Fi Password.

Before you start

  1. Disable any VPN software you might have running on your computer (like NordVPN). Even if you don’t have an active connection, the software might still interfere with your connection to the AVADO. If everything else fails, uninstall your VPN software to rule this out.

  2. Mac and iOS users: if you have an iCloud+ subscription, be sure to turn off iCloud Private Relay.

  3. Make sure your AVADO is up to date. Go to and let the machine download the latest packages.

Step 1: Install Remote Connect

Your AVADO may come with Remote Connect pre-installed. Check on the left-side menu on the Home Page to see if the Remote Connect item is already available. If not, follow the following steps:

  • While connecting on AVADO Wi-Fi, go to the AVADO Home Page ( and navigate to DappStore.

  • Scroll to the “AVADO System” section near the bottom of the page. Locate the “Remote Access” package. Click the icon, then press the Install button.

  • Once finished installing, a Remote Connect item shall appear on the left-side menu on the Home Page.

Step 2: Obtain Your Unique Network ID

Click the Remote Connect menu item, or equivalently, navigate to

You will see your unique network ID, and a default network name. Use the icon next to the AVADO Network ID to copy it to your clipboard.

You can click the Name to rename your AVADO’s network so you can recognize it in case you have multiple AVADO’s.

Step 3: Install ZeroTier App on your Device

Meanwhile - you can download the remote connect client for your device and install it. Visit the ZeroTier download page, or use the following links:

  • Windows - follow the Installer prompts to complete the installation

  • MacOS - click open the app package, and drag the ZeroTier One app to the Applications folder

Step 4: Join your Personal AVADO Network from your Device

Next step is to connect from your device to the AVADO, using its unique Network ID you obtained in Step 2.

Click the orange ZeroTier icon to get the pop-up menu and select Join Network.

Enter or paste the 16-letter Network ID of your AVADO.

Make sure to check the Allow Managed, Allow Global and Allow DNS checkboxes or things will not work. Do not allow "Default". Press Join to set up the connection.

Step 5: Allow your Device to Join on the AVADO

Go back to your AVADO. After a few seconds you will see the new device automatically appear in the Network Member list.

The only thing you need to do now is check the box to enable access to this client.

You can click on the Description to rename your device so you can easily recognize the device that you gave access to.

Step 6: Connect Through Remote Connect + ZeroTier

Disconnect your device from the AVADO Wi-Fi, and switch back to your Home Wi-Fi network.

On Windows or Mac, click on the Network ID so that it has a checkmark in front of it. If you click on Network Details you should see “OK” next to the status.

On Android or iOS, click on the slider button next to the Network ID.

If you see REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION please give it a minute or two to switch to “OK”.

On your browser, navigate to to go to the AVADO Home screen.

You can use this connection from within your own network, or from anywhere in the world. All traffic over this connection is peer-to-peer and is fully encrypted.

Step 7: Disconnect

You can safely leave the ZeroTier connection on all the time, so you can visit the AVADO Home page any time you need to.

To disconnect, on Windows or Mac, click on the Network ID from the ZeroTier dropdown menu. The checkmark will disappear and you are disconnected. On Android or iOS, click on the slider button to turn it off.

To reconnect, just open the app and select the network again. When the checkmark is present you are connected again.


If you encounter any problem, please consult the Connection Troubleshooting page, or reach out to our Discord channel for support.

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