Rocketpool FAQ

I've set up the Execution and Consensus Clients and they are fully synced, but Rocketpool DApp complains they are 0% synced. What have I done wrong?

Very likely you have not set the EXECUTIONCLIENT and CONSENSUSCLIENT variables correctly. See here: Tell Rocketpool which ETH Clients you're using

How do I add more Minipools?

See here: Add Minipool

How do I stake more RPL?

Send the additional RPL you wish to stake to the Rocketpool Hot Wallet. Then navigate to the Setup tab of AVADO Rocketpool DApp. Click Stake RPL and confirm the action to proceed. This will send all of the RPL in your Hot Wallet to the staking contract.

Wait for the transaction to finish. You can check the on-chain status by clicking Transaction details on Etherscan.

Where do my Rocketpool rewards go?
I'm not getting any RPL rewards. Why?

It's important to note that in order to qualify for RPL Rewards, your RPL stake must be above the required minimum, which is equivalent to 10% of the borrowed funds. For example, if you have an 8 ETH minipool, you are effectively borrowing 24 ETH from the protocol. Therefore, you will need to have at least (24 ETH x 10%) = 2.4 ETH worth of RPL at the time of the checkpoint in order to receive any RPL Rewards. Make sure to meet this minimum requirement to be eligible for RPL Rewards.

Because the relative price of RPL to ETH fluctuates, you may need to "top up" your RPL stake by staking more RPL before the checkpoint to ensure you remain eligible for RPL Rewards.

If you are below 10% during the checkpoint, you will not be eligible for any rewards for that interval. Even if you increase above 10% at a later date, you will not have any rewards to claim for that interval. Therefore it is crucial that you maintain at least 10% collateral at the time when each RPL reward checkpoint is reached.

I have just made the deposit, and says my validator is pending activation. But on the Status page of Rocketpool, it says my minipool status is “exited”, with a message “waiting for final validator withdrawal, before this minipool can be closed”. Why?

This is a known issue. The Status page is not correct. Continue to monitor your validator on Once it is activated on the Beacon Chain, the timeline on the Status page will become correct again.

Error calculating lifetime node rewards: rewards file... doesn't exist

You may come across this error in the Rewards tab:

Error : Error calculating lifetime node rewards: rewards file /rocketpool/data/rewards-trees/rp-rewards-mainnet-21.json doesn't exist and interval 21 is unclaimed.

This is a known issue. The solution is to Restart the AVADO Rocketpool DApp. Wait a few minutes for the reward files to download before you open the Rewards tab again. (You can actually check that the reward files have been downloaded in the Logs.)

Error getting transaction gas info: could not estimate gas limit

When trying to deposit ETH or stake RPL, you may come across this error:

Error getting transaction gas info: could not estimate gas limit: Could not estimate gas needed: Reverted ERC20: transfer amount exceeds balance

This is a known issue, and is usually harmless. Just check on Transaction deetails on Etherscan link to check that the transaction has confirmed.

I've got excess ETH or RPL in the Hot Wallet. How can I transfer them out?

You can consider importing the Rocketpool “Hot Wallet” into Metamask, using the 24-word recovery phrase of the Hot Wallet. You can find the recovery phrase in the Rocketpool Backup File ( Once you have imported the wallet into Metamask, you can access the wallet and send the ETH or RPL to other addresses as you would normally do with Metamask.

There is however a trick here. If you already have a wallet in Metamask, it will not allow you to import another wallet using the 24-word mnemonic. To overcome this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new profile in your browser: For example, if you are using Chrome, create a new profile so you can install a fresh copy of Metamask.

  2. Download and install Metamask in the new profile.

  3. Use the 24-word recovery phrase to import the Rocketpool Hot Wallet into this new Metamask installation.

By following these steps, you can import your Rocketpool Hot Wallet into Metamask and transfer the excess ETH or RPL to other addresses.

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