Help with Wi-Fi Password

How do I change the Wi-Fi Password ?

The default SSID of AVADO Wi-Fi is: AVADO. The default password is: avado123

It is good security practice to change the default SSID and password.

It is HIGHLY recommended that you configure your Remote Connect + ZeroTier connection first before attempting to change your Wi-Fi password. If you don’t have an alternative means of access and anything goes wrong while you change the password, you will have to take the walk of shame and reach out to the AVADO team on Discord to unlock your AVADO.

Follow these steps to change the Wi-Fi SSID and password:

  1. Make sure Remote Connect + ZeroTier is configured correctly.

  2. Go to the System menu.

  3. Click the AVADO WiFi package (or: "").

  4. On this page you will see the SSID (the name of the Wi-Fi network) and the WPA_PASSPHRASE (the password). You can change both here.

Make sure you select at least 8 characters for the password - otherwise it will not be accepted and your Wi-Fi access point will not be reachable any more.

  1. Click the Update environment variables button to save and restart the package.

  2. After about 30 seconds you will be able to log on to your updated WiFi network.

I changed my Wi-Fi password or disabled it and locked myself out of my AVADO

Find a screen with HDMI input (tip: use your TV if you don’t have a monitor) and attach an HDMI cable to your AVADO. Get a USB keyboard and attach it to any of the USB ports of your AVADO. Make sure your AVADO is connected to the internet before proceeding.

If your AVADO is functioning normally, you should see a login prompt displayed on the screen. The prompt will look like this:

AVADO login: _

Login with username avado and password avado

If you simply forgot your password, you can find it by reading out the config file of the Wi-Fi package. At the console you type:

cat /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/

Make sure to include the space after cat and use forward slashes (/) in the file path. Additionally, use lowercase letters throughout the command, except for DNCORE which should be written in capital letters. Press enter after typing the command to execute it.

You can find the WPA_PASSPHRASE (the Wi-Fi password) from the output.

Tips: You can also use ssh

You can also use the command line from your computer without having to connect an HDMI monitor and USB keyboard to the AVADO.

  1. Find out your AVADO's IP address on the internal network. You may need to check this at your router. It should look like 192.168.0.xx

  2. Open a terminal window on your device. For Mac, this is the Terminal app. For Windows, use the CMD tool.

  3. Type the following command:

ssh avado@192.168.0.xx "cat /usr/src/dappnode/DNCORE/"

Replace the 192.168.0.xx with your AVADO internal IP. Make sure you type (or copy) exactly on a single line. Note the spaces, double quotes, forward slashes, and letter cases. Then press return.

  1. When asked for a password, type avado (in small letters) and press return.

This should give you the same output as above so you can read out the Wi-Fi password.

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