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Adding/Modifying content on Avado-docs

The Avado docs website is built with Hugo. You can find installation instructions at

Local builds

To test the website locally, run:

hugo server

By default, this will open a preview build at http://localhost:1313

Run hugo server --navigateToChanged to automatically open the pages you are editing


The theme is based on GeekDocs.

You can find a demo and the full documentation at

Create a new page

Create a new MarkDown page and add following preamble at the start of the file

title: Create your DApp for the AVADO DAppstore

You can add a weight: 30 parameter to influence the position in the table of contents.

Markdown Cheat Sheet

Authoring tips

{{< hint type=tip title="optional" >}}
**Markdown content**
Dolor sit, sumo unique argument um no. Gracie nominal id xiv. Romanesque acclimates investiture.
{{< /hint >}}


Install Broken-link-checker:

npm install broken-link-checker -g

Run the checker: (local links only)

blc http://localhost:1313 --exclude-external --recursive --ordered