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Ethereum staking withdrawals (2023)

Exciting news: Ethereum staking withdrawals are available now. The official Ethereum update is called the Shapella = Shanghai + Capella upgrade. This update enables staking withdrawals on Ethereum, allowing people to unlock ETH staking rewards. Reward payments will automatically and regularly be sent to a provided withdrawal address linked to each validator (aka ‘partial withdrawals’). Users can also exit staking entirely, unlocking their full validator balance (aka ‘full withdrawals’).

Your Execution client (Geth or Nethermind) and Beacon Chain client (Teku or Prysm) need to be up to date. We recommend to check that automatic updates are enabled, so you are on the latest version automatically.

ready for Shapella?
Geth ✅ (10.0.52, based on Geth v1.11.5)
Nethermind ✅ (0.0.34, based on Nethermind v1.17.3)
Teku ✅ (0.0.31, based on Teku v23.3.1)
Prysm Beacon Chain ✅ (0.0.55, based on Prysm v4.0.1)
Prysm Validator ✅ (0.0.52, based on Prysm v4.0.1)
MEV-Boost ✅ (0.0.9, based on MEV-Boost 1.5.0)
ETH Withdrawal address tool ✅ (0.0.1)


flowchart TD

X{RocketPool?} -->|Yes| R[Ready]
X --> |No| A
credentials?} -->|Starts with `0x01`| R[Ready] A -->|Starts with `0x00`| C C[Wait]

Staking rewards

If your validator has a balance of more than 32 ETH, the excess amount is automatically paid out to your withdrawal address. There are no transaction (gas) fees associated with receiving these rewards.

More details:

This is what withdrawals look like on

How to prepare

RocketPool staker?

If you are staking with RocketPool you don’t have to do anything. All rewards will be added to your minipool automatically.

That said, the upcoming RocketPool upgrade, Atlas, will require some actions, but this is out of scope of this article.

Solo staker?

If you are a solo staker (32ETH), there are two scenarios: Your validators either have a withdrawal credential that starts with 0x01 (new stakers) or 0x00 (og stakers). The withdrawal credentials have to be set to 0x01 for the automatic payout of the rewards. If you have a 0x00 address, you can set your withdrawal address with a tool Avado will release on April 12. 🤞We promise, no command line interface will be required🤞 More info

There might be a huge queue of withdrawal requests. Only 16 addresses can be configured per block (12s), so it may take a while before your change will get through.

⚠️ Be extra careful when setting the withdrawal address. This must be an address you control, and cannot be changed once set. If you make a mistake, you will never be able to access your deposit nor rewards in the future ⚠️

If you know or fear that your validator seed phrase is ☠️compromised☠️, it is important to beat potential scammers in the race to configure your withdrawal address. Your best option is the CLWP project: